Volume 6 Edition 1 September 2010


More innovative medical device product designs could created by looking to nature for inspiration. Biomimicry is a combination of biology and engineering. By looking at the biology of nature for unique features and functions that can be applied into a design solution to manufacture products and create efficient processes. Take studying the flexible yet strong structure of the “beards” of mussels that could be applied in new materials research to help anchor implantable medical devices inside the body. Another example is research conducted on the electricity generating cells of an electric eel which can be used  a model create artificial cells to power small implantables. With the rising costs of healthcare and pressure to meet sustainability goals, it would be prudent to look at Biomimicry not only for design solutions, but designs that are environmentally sustainable



The futuristic high speed tube transportation network, such as the ones seen on the 1960’s animation sitcom, “The Jetsons”.
is closer to becoming reality. In July 2010, China began high speed commuter train service between Nanjin and Wuhan with average train speeds of 217MPH.  Currently, China has developed a vacuum maglev train prototype that reaches speeds between 500-600MPH and in three years could reach 1,000MPH. The idea of vacuum trains Vactrain  was first proposed in  the1910’s by American rocket engineer Robert Goddard. Today Daryl Oster, the Inventor who holds the U.S. patent for Evacuated Tube Transport , or ETT, technology has reportedly been working with Chinese researchers Southwest Jiaotong University on the vacuum maglev train.



Sustainable Architecture is fast blossoming in Hong Kong. Five companies in Hong Kong were winners of the BCI Green Awards 2010 for innovative and environmentally responsible architecture in Asia.

Awards in the categories of commercial, residential and institutional include:

Beijing Nokia BDA Campus
Ngau Tau Kok Estate Redevelopment phase 2&3
United Christian College
Green Span
Shenzhen Vanke Headquarters

Looking into the future are the proposed green design plans for the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Express Rail Station scheduled to open in 2016.

Innovative Hong Kong design can maximize usage of even a tiny 330sq ft apartment by transformation into 24 different rooms.


Hong Kong is 4th largest Foreign Direct Investment recipient

With US $912.2 billion of FDI stock Hong Kong was ranked by the World Investment Report 2010 (WIR) as the World’s fourth largest recipient of foreign Direct Investment.

The Economist recognized “Rising Superstar”, Dr. Anil Gupta

Dr. Anil Gupta, to speak on "The Emergence of China and India as the New Innovation Hubs" at The Alternative Investments in Asia Forum 28-30 September 2010 in Hong Kong

Allied Intrade
Medical Device Delegation
30 Oct – 6 Nov 2010

Allied Intrade will be bringing a medical device focused business delegation to Hong Kong for collaborative meetings. One of the many highlights include visiting the International Medical Device, Equipment and Supplies tradeshow. If you are interested, please check website for more information. www.AlliedIntrade.com

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